Dear Business Owner, Leader, Manager and Entrepreneur.

Do you love what you do but can’t switch off your busy mind when you want to?

Do you feel constantly overwhelmed by the demands of your work? Are you feeling 'fried' from too much stress and too many hours on the job? Are you tired of missing out on time with family and friends, even when you’re with them, because you’re always focused on work?  

I understand this predicament.  

I’ve been a successful entrepreneur for nearly two decades, but when I found my hair falling out in clumps, I knew I had to make changes before stress derailed the business I loved. In my book 'Transforming Your Stress Into Business Success', I share with you the techniques and strategies I use to control my stress and how I have helped my clients to do the same. 

I invite you to buy this book today so you can control your stress. 


In these pages you’ll learn numerous steps to resolve your stress. These include:  

  • Taking back control of your thinking  
  • Ditching your negative self-talk  
  • Becoming comfortable with uncertainty  
  • Developing healthy habits for eating, sleeping, and relaxing  
  • Mastering the techniques of effective leadership  
  • Embracing rather than fearing change  
  • Re-discovering the joy of life  
  • Creating a winning plan for business and personal success  
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Does this sound like you?  

You’re feeling overwhelmed!  

You’ve got that sinking feeling, a tight chest, tense neck, or upset stomach …. 

What on earth is going on with you?  

And you’re sick and tired of :

  • grappling with stress 
  • feeling tired and anxious 
  • unable to switch off when you get home 
  • and feeling increasingly agitated that your enjoyment of work is diminishing…  

If you’ve been hunting for a solution, hoping to avoid burnout then you’re in the right place! Your search to learn ways to take back the control you once had is now over!  


LINDA WELLS is a Professional Speaker, Author and Coach in the business community. She is well known for educating successful men and women driven to succeed on how to take back control, reduce stress, fuel their success and increase enjoyment without losing their edge.

As a business communication specialist Linda has developed leading plans of action specifically for people who are seeking change and want better outcomes for themselves and assists those in business with one of their biggest losses, one that never appears in the daily balance sheet...stress. Stress is in the air and there's a fine line between busy and burned out.

Linda has delivered presentations and conducted seminars and workshops throughout New Zealand, Australia, and North America, and she has won many awards for her skills and successes. She has been self-employed since 2002.  

Don’t Just Take My Word For It.  

Read What Others Around The World Have To Say About Linda’s Book  


“At last, a book that teaches those in business how to overcome stress, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed! Linda’s message is needed all over the world. I highly recommend her book!” — Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny  

“This book is the most precise guide you’ll ever read if you want to transform your stress and channel it into success and growth in your business. It’s the one resource you need on your bookshelf.” — Annie Pool, Best-Selling Author of Passport to Life 

“Amid the ever-quickening pace of business, stress is becoming one of the obstacles that holds people back. Linda has distilled the essence of how to deal with stress internally so you can tackle the issues that manifest externally.” — Elias Kanaris, President of the Global Speakers Federation (2018-2019)  

“A must-read for anyone experiencing the painful and scary challenges of working with anxiety and sleepless nights. This isn’t just a book; it’s a transformational experience you won’t want to miss.” — Shirlene Reeves, Author of Selling Through Your Heart  


Check out some of our success stories:

Hello Linda I wanted to write and thank you for your assistance recently. Your advice was fantastic and has made a huge difference for me. You are extremely thorough and your commitment to teaching the best strategies is second to none. From my perspective your experience in business helps you understand the challenges those of us in business face. I appreciated that! I have and will continue to recommend (and in some cases) insist my friends and associates get in contact with you! Best Regards Tony Fraser-Jones, Director 

There was a tsunami brewing that was about to blow me out of the water if I didn’t change my ways! I had work stress! I wanted to assert myself better and be more comfortable in my leadership role within my business environment plus I had health issues, specifically migraines. Through working with Linda I’ve learnt new ways of approaching tasks or duties that previously caused stress and tension and I’ve grown in confidence in these areas. As an added bonus I've also learnt heaps about relating with others! Throughout the program with Linda I’ve achieved better balance in my work/life and no migraines!!! I now feel very comfortable in my own leadership skin, my self-worth has grown and have developed hugely the areas of relating and being comfortable with clients. It all boils down to less stress!! I recommend Linda to my own business clients and anyone who wants to reduce stress. Dee Devine Business Owner, Devine Accounting

  As soon as I began working with Linda I started getting results. I learned quickly how to respond differently to situations and the more I implemented the skills and techniques the more I reduced my own stress and anxiety. This allowed me to be a better boss, I started achieving my goals, I had more respect for and could control my money better, and I had time to do the things I enjoy. I now feel much more relaxed and best of all I now have time and energy for me.” Sam Immers, Owner Stellar Kitchen

  From Day 1, I experienced major changes as I was feeling more calm and relaxed each day. After two to three weeks I was noticing a lot more changes happening. I was more focused, had a lot more confidence, able to handle disappointments a lot better, had better management of my time and things seemed to take less time than before. Lionel Bekker, Owner NewCleanland Commercial and Residential Cleaning Company

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